Coinbase Launches Zero-Fee Trading – But With a Catch!

• Coinbase is offering a zero-fee trading account, called Coinbase One, that requires customers to pay a monthly fee of $30.
• The account includes boosted staking rewards and priority customer support.
• This offer is mainly beneficial for whales and heavy traders, as fees on decentralized exchanges are usually much lower.

Coinbase Launches Zero-Fee Trading

America’s largest crypto exchange has recently announced an upgrade to its membership account, Coinbase One, which offers zero trading fees, boosted staking rewards, and priority customer support for a monthly fee of $30. The company is hoping this will increase its customer base by attracting more whales and heavy traders.

The Catch

Coinbase is known for charging some of the highest fees in the industry; therefore, it makes most of its profits from these fees. As such, paying a monthly fee to eliminate these fees would only be beneficial to whales and heavy traders who trade in large amounts. Furthermore, those who do trade heavily are unlikely to use Coinbase due to the high fees; they would likely use a decentralized exchange (DEX) instead where the fees are much lower.

Coinbase One Features

Coinbase One offers 30-day free trial with features such as zero trading fees, a dedicated support team with priority responses times, boosted staking rewards and exclusive benefits from partners associated with Coinbase One.


Coinbase has been criticized for its high trading fees as well as lack of customer support throughout the years. It looks like now customers have to pay an additional fee if they want timely response when issues arise or need help with their accounts.


For those looking for zero trading fees on America’s largest crypto exchange platform might find value in signing up for Coinbase one but must consider their own individual needs before making any decisions about whether or not this service is right for them